6 Reasons Why I Want to Travel to Taiwan Right Now

Recently I read the post 5 Reasons Why I Want to Travel to Taiwan Right Now. The reasons have the controversy, the priceless treasures of the National Palace Museum, the colonial history, the aboriginal communities and the food.

National Palace Museum

I've only been to the National Palace Museum once. And I very like the Jadeite Cabbage. If I have much free time, I will go there again. And there is a great news that the grand opening of the National Palace Museum Southern Branch will be in 2011. Then You need to travel to Taiwan.

The transportation

You can refer the information on the transportation link. Zhongli Station can be the starting point of a journey that took you to Taipei. And then you can take the MRT Danshui Line from the Taipei Station to the Shilin Station and take bus R30 (Red 30) to the National Palace Museum.

You can take on-ramp from Neili , going north on the Sun Yat-sen Freeway, exit at BinJiang Street in Taipei, turn left at the end of the exit ramp, turn left after a few meters, and cross the DaZhih Bridge. Turn right at the end of the bridge and proceed to the traffic circle and then go through the ZiQiang Tunnel to the T-intersection. Make a right to reach the Museum. (If taking the elevated portion of the freeway, exit at FuYuan Street, make the first U-turn, and then turn right at the DaZhih Bridge, proceeding as above.) And then park on the side of the ZhìShàn Road.

Taiwan has experienced various stages of colonial history, like Fort Santo Domingo, Fort Provintia and Taoyuan Shrine.


I’ve been fascinated on my previous travels in Taiwan by the native culture and post-colonialism.

The Aboriginal Peoples of Taiwan are the First Nations of Taiwan. Last year I often went to Lala mountain. There are many aboriginal villages in Fusing. You can take the bus from Zhongli Rear Station to Fusing. It is very convenient living my home.

OK! I will introduce the very very much delicious oriental snacks. You must taste all of them.  There are many different kinds of snacks in the night market around the Chung-Yuan Christian University. The good steamed buns with meat and scallion stuffing I've ever had were from the BaoHaoJia(traditional Chinese: 包好甲) shop on Shijian Rd. in Zhongli. The grilled chicken of the JiaHiang(traditional Chinese: 家鄉) is always so damn delicious. The spicy stinky tofu is the food that I must recommend foreigners to eat in Taiwan. And the sweetly flavored beverage invented in Taiwan is also needed to taste. If you don’t like Chinese food, you can try the other various ethnic foods on Shijian Rd.

The sixth and the most important reason why I want you travel to Taiwan right now is the spring. Maybe you think there are hot springs all over the earth, on every continent and even under the oceans and seas. So it is not unusual and seldom seen for you. And you do not take a hot spring bath at all in summer. Well… There are still some special cold springs like Su-ao Cold Spring, Lengshuikeng Cold Spring, Sanzhi Cold Spring, etc. Do the many cold springs make you feel very enjoyable. To soak in cold water in hot summer is very awesome.

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