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Norean Tan and Ally Le successfully finished their Tour in Taiwan. And I wished Ally Le a happy birthday on Facebook. I cast back to their catching the second bus at 8.40am. They should get on the 5089 bus in a single bounce because Chunghwa Telecom cellular service center were lined with people. And then they changed to Taiwan Cellular Corp service center. I have never taken the 5089 bus to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport because I think driving to the airport will save us a lot of time. But the time of most couchsurfers arriving at the airport is not fixed. They don’t have car to my home so they still need to take the bus.
So I really think understanding something about 5089 bus would do them good. I used the search engines to look up information and found the link http://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english/Buses/#3f678da0-d6de-493c-8fd1-e1699a75a3ae is good. There is a ticket counter in every terminal. 
Except for tickets, you also get ready small changes, Taiwan Smart Card, EasyCard, I Pass or ETC card to take the bus. I encourage you to prepare a EasyCard and you use it to pay the fare of Taipei MRT, TRA trains from Keelung to Hsinchu and Ruifang Station, buses in Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung and Taoyuan City, some taxies, parking, designated retailers including as 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Cosmed, OK Mart, Hi-Life, Starbucks, and Pacific SOGO, etc. So far as I know, you can buy EasyCard at 7-11 in Terminal 2-2F and Terminal 2-B2F or at Hi-Life in Terminal 1-B1F and Terminal 1-B1F. You also need to tell the difference between EasyCard, Icash-EasyCard and HiCard.
The Business hours of 5089 bus are Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 07:43-20:10, Zhongli 07:00-19:20. And the trip length       is about 40 minutes. The stops are Terminal 2Terminal 1Hengshan BridgeHengfengDayuan Farmer Assc.Dayuan StationNanmenDingnanmenJianshanNanziShangnanziTongshuai CommunityXiadapojiao →DapojiaoHengshanQingpuhuashuLicuoDinghengshanQinghuang CompanySanyang CompanyMinsheng CommunityHSR Taoyuan StationZhongcuoGuangtian TempleQingpu CommunityDingqingpuFu-an TempleXinzhouShuiweiShuizuntouChristian CollegeLioho Machine Works, Ltd.Lioho TextileXingnanHsing-Nan Junior High SchoolGongpoXingguo VillageTransformer SubstationHuanbei Road IntersectionYuanhua Road IntersectionZhongmei Road IntersectionXinsheng RoadZhongyang West RoadZhongli Station.
Full-Price Ticket
No Car Type
Zhongli Station
262626Qingpu Community
26262626HSR Taoyuan Station
52423732272626Dayuan Station

Although you still transfer to another buses to my home, my wife or I can drive you or pick you up by scooter to my home. Hope you start exciting incidents during the journey from my home.
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