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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buy Home Products at PeachSuite Hotel Supply

Three weeks ago Sophia and I made a 12-day backpacker tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We chose S1 Hostel in Bangkok and AL-33 Hotel Melaka to stay. We also stayed with friends while we were in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Staff in S1 Hostel was very nice and helpful if need be, they spoke decent English to get by. We could not find anything to eat really around the hotel in the morning. I'm sure there were things, but we did not know which way to go. If they have Browne Foodservice Supplies and provide breakfast, I think this will be perfect.

AL-33 Hotel Melaka is located right in the main street but because of the hotel does not have any signage and lacks of road sign, there was a taxi that went to the hotel for 20 ringgit. The room is very tiny, we didn't expect it to be that small. The bed and pillows are not that comfy though it's rather new, I reckon the hotel should provide at least 2 sets of pillows since it's so thin. And if they use Hotel Shower Curtains to help keep water from running on the floor in the bathroom, this will be better. Location of the hotel was alright but we rented two bicycles for 20 ringgit half of the day. They have no laundry service. What's even worse is that they used their own washing machine to serve us for 10 ringgit, we lost my five toes stock and Sophia’s a piece of clothing.

Should you stay in AL-33 Hotel Melaka? No, it's not worth it now. I really recommend AL-33 Hotel Melaka choose PeachSuite Hotel Supplies to improve their quality of service. I will advise you of any change in their services. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Smart Motorhome and Caravan Sales Change Your View of the World

During Moon Festival last year when President Wang invited several of his friends to camp at 恩愛農場of the Lalashan Mountain, Super Typhoon Usagi made its closest approach to the area. Some people gave up the activity easily but we chose to rise to the challenge of risk. Frankly speaking, I thought the activity was a failure. I only could say “What the hell are we doing?” with the benefit of hindsight. Our tent was not waterproof. Sophia and I soaked in rainwater at midnight. We were exhausted. I think we need to improve the camping equipment. Maybe Smart Caravans for Sale is certainly worth it.
Image Three
Why ever did I say so? That's because when we visited Arches National Park and Yosemite National Park two years ago, we chose to camp at Arches National Park and stayed in a heated canvas tent cabin at Yosemite National Park. I saw most people had easier ways to motorhome fun than that time. It's miraculous! Why did they do that? Wait! It suddenly struck me that when we visited Sophia’s sister missionary in Utah, there was a motorhome in her home. Pretty cool!
Various modified containers
Some people like to live in containers. Although I feel that in summer it’s very hot, they set a fashion for the generation. A shipping container is used to transport large amounts of goods on boats and on trains. If you have a little imagination, the shipping container can become a cheap, reliable building block that can be used to build chic little getaway homes and castles of majesty alike! Containers are in many ways an ideal building material because they are strong, durable, stackable, cuttable, movable, modular, plentiful and relatively cheap. Architects as well as laypeople have used them to build many types of buildings such as homes, offices, apartments, schools, dormitories, artists' studios and emergency shelters. They are also used to provide temporary secure spaces on construction sites and other venues on an "as is" basis instead of building shelters. This place is small but we just go alone with it if we are traveling. And now I know there are containers for sale in New Zealand.
What do you think? Do you like it? Maybe you think what’s still missing in the caravans. Well, Sophia likes to cook. And we need food. So the kitchen and foodservice equipment is indispensable to a caravan. I also know Hot Chef is owned and operated by Hospitality Equipment Online Ltd—a 100% New Zealand owned company that has been selling equipment to the hospitality industry for six years. If you require more detailed information please visit

Our friends from Germany traveled New Zealand from end to end for about two months. I think motorhome holidays are ideal for family time. So this year we will travel in Indochina. We can choice to buy or rent a motorhome except cheap airline tickets. Maybe we can lower our transportation and accommodation expenses. It’s great in short.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Comfort Inn & Suites - The Best Hotel in Grinnell, IA

Iowa City is the Beginning of Mormon Handcart Trek. It was the end for the west-bound railroad in 1856. It was here that the convert emigrants were outfitted with handcarts to begin their trek. Grinnell Iowa hotels will be cheap hotels when planning your pioneer treks.

We took a trip to Utah and California two years ago. When we left for San Francisco by train, I very wanted to come back to Salt Lake City. I knew we need to plan another trip when I have more annual leave and money. I’ll go when I’m ready. My gaze rolls to Sophia. She smiles but doesn’t press me. My nerves fumble my return smile. I know she does not think our plan will succeed.

Who knows? We should prepare for a long plane ride, rent a cheap car and a hotel like the Comfort Inn & Suites. We can relax in the indoor heated pool and hot tub. When I go to book a hotel, I check the distance to whatever it is I’m doing in the area, and then I go straight for the amenities. The amenities in the Comfort Inn & Suites including laundry, indoor pool, fitness Center, free deluxe continental breakfast, free wireless high-speed Internet access in all rooms, free local calls that’ll make me feel extraordinary.

Of course, if I do not choice the handcart route from Salt Lake City to Iowa City, I likely just come across I-80. I won't be in a big hurry. I'm thinking to drive 8-10 hours per day. And enjoy the majestic including Great Salt Lake, Red Desert, Rocky Mountains. The Comfort Inn & Suites hotel is conveniently located off Interstate 80, between Iowa City and Des Moines. When we have enough rest we can get to Nauvoo Temple which was the first latter-day temple in which endowments and sealings were performed, which proved a great strength to the pioneers as they endured the hardships crossing the plains to Zion in the Salt Lake Valley. This is a dream to drive and a beautiful trip.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The East Coast Highway – All The Diversity of Taiwan

For all those visiting or living as an expat in Taiwan, the east coast highway with its dramatic scenery and rich culture is a must see. Tourists and locals alike admire the scenery travelling by car, bicycle, scooter and bus, though if you’re pedalling be aware that the first half is mountainous and tight corners and tunnels can make uncomfortable passing places. Keelung, with its easy access to Taipei and an international port, makes a good place to start. Perhaps the most notable thing about Keelung is its name. Not the name itself, but the Hollywood style sign erected on the mountainside above the town to welcome ships entering the harbor. The other big draw in Keelung is the Miaokou Night Market with several local specialties and all the usual attractions of Taiwanese night markets.
SuAo to Hualien – Drive with care
It’s 100km from Keelung to the most dramatic part of the route. This is known as the SuHua Highway, starting at SuAo and ending at Hualien, hence the name. At this point, the central mountains of Taiwan, forced upwards from the seafloor by tectonic activity, drop straight down into the ocean. The road and its 14 tunnels were hewn out of the cliff face in the 1930s by Taiwanese laborers under the Japanese colonial administration, with little in the way of mechanization to help them and it was only in 1990 that 2-way traffic was possible along its entire length. In the context of Taiwan’s annual typhoons bringing landslides to the mountainous terrain and the regular earthquakes which are a result of its position on the Pacific Ring of Fire; building the east coast highway was truly an audacious undertaking. As you traverse the SuHua Highway you will appreciate its magnificence, both for the achievement of building it and the natural beauty of the azure blue Pacific Ocean colliding with the coastline below.
After 100km on the SuHua Highway you reach Hualien, a small city lying close to the mouth of the LiWu river and Taroko Gorge. Taroko is a deep ravine carved into the marble and limestone mountains over millions of years by the LiWu River and it is one of the major natural attractions in Taiwan. In a similar way to the SuHua Highway, the road climbing the gorge clings to the rock face, passing through tunnels and crossing bridges along the way. It is perfectly possible to cycle up Taroko Gorge, but it is a good 100km to the top of Mount HeHuanShan, involving a climb of 3000m, so it’s not one for the faint hearted. Being far from the major urban centers of the west coast, Hualien is much quieter than most Taiwanese cities and as with other towns on the east coast, has a significant aboriginal population. Taiwanese aboriginal culture is a major tourist draw to Hualien and hence of great benefit to the local economy.
The beautiful south - Taitung, Green Island and Kaohsiung.
South of Hualien, you have a choice of routes to the southern town of Taitung. The more scenic route, which also marks a change from the coast, follows the Eastern Rift Valley, also known as the HuaTung Valley (Hualien-Taitung). The HuaTung Valley is the ancestral home of the Ami, Truko, Puyuma, Bun Un and Sakizaya tribes and there are numerous aboriginal villages to visit. Alternatively, just enjoy the scenery on the gentler and less dramatic inclines of this part of the route and watch out for the monument as you cross the Tropic of Cancer. At the southern end of the valley, you reach Taitung, one of the three major cities on the east coast. From here, you can take a ferry to Green Island, a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and opportunities for swimming and scuba diving. Green Island was also the site of a prison used to house political prisoners during the martial law era. Thankfully, Green Island has now left the political turmoil of Taiwan’s past behind it and comes highly recommended as a place to chill out.
The final section of the journey takes you south from Taitung towards the Southern Cross Island Highway and Kaohsiung on the south west coast. Having traveled from the metropolitan north with its large mainland Chinese population, through the aboriginal Taiwanese dominated central east coast; you are now very much in the Minnan or Taiwanese speaking south. Life takes a slower pace down here, even in the second city and international container port of Kaohsiung, the final destination. Once a polluted industrial city, Kaohsiung has been redeveloped and vastly improved in recent years, making it one of the urban highlights of Taiwan and an example to the rest of Asia of what can be achieved as fast growing industrial cities reach maturity. It is home to the National Stadium, a thoroughly modern arena that draws its power from the sun. Designed for the 2009 World Games by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, it is unusual in that it is open at one end, shaped like a dragon’s tail. Running through the center of Kaohsiung and a symbol of its regeneration is the Love River. Once little more than a fetid industrial sewer, it has been thoroughly cleaned. The Love River Park runs along the riverbank in the downtown area and is at the cultural and social heart of the city. At the mouth of the Love River is the harbor and its container and cruise liner ports, from where you can sail to countries in Asia and around the world.
The East Coast Highway counts as one of the most dramatic roads in the world and offers you taste of the different cultures and landscapes of Taiwan. From the port of Keelung with its links to the capital Taipei, the central city of Hualien with its aboriginal culture and access to Taroko Gorge and the central mountains, to the Hoklo Taiwanese dominated southern cities of Taitung and Kaohsiung, the journey from Keelung to Kaohsiung offers an overview of the diverse, modern nation that is Taiwan.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Budget Rent a Car in NZ

It’s very strange that I should write more about Taiwan but I would write about New Zealand. As most of you know, my new friends Frederik’s family will be in New Zealand for a family vacation. To get around the island, I think to rent a car from Snap Car Rental is good. I guess you will worry about getting ripped off by this rental car company. I would tell you about my experiences of renting a car in California. It might come in handy in New Zealand.

My rental details were as follows:
San Francisco, San Francisco Downtown, 675 Post Street
Opening hours on day of collection: 06:00-17:30 hours
Telephone ( 415-929-2555 )
RENTAL DATE & TIME:  Wednesday, at 04.04.2012 06:30

Los Angeles, International Airport, 9217 Airport Boulevard
Opening hours on day of return: 00:00-23:59 hours
Telephone ( 310-342-9200 )
RETURN DATE & TIME: Monday, at 09.04.2012 13:00

Car group: Group A (e.g. Chevrolet Aveo)
Quoted price: 269.36 USD
Your quote includes:
Local Tax (TAX)
Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)
Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF)
Unlimited Mileage
Please note that excesses may apply to above insurance.
Please be advised that if a second driver is requested, he/she must be present at check-out with original their driving license.
Standard minimum age requirements will apply by country (normally 23 yrs).
A Young Driver Surcharge may also apply (normally under 25 yrs). If you have a Corporate Account with Avis, please refer to your corporate agreement.

Insurance - a basic level of insurance has been included in your rental price (as detailed above), and excesses may apply.   If required, additional insurance cover can be purchased.  Just ask at the Avis desk when you collect your rental vehicle.  If you have a Corporate Account with Avis, please refer to your corporate agreement for the exact details of your insurance cover.

Drivers need to have held a clean license for a year.

I thought the rental price would be budget. The lady at the counter suggested that we should upgrade to a full-size four-door (group E) car and the markup fee was only USD $10 dollars. You would be more comfortable and safer. This suggestion made our hearts beat faster. We agreed to upgrade. Then the upsell really begins when they asked what insurance coverage I wanted. The miss gave me two choices. I can get full unlimited coverage or their recommended coverage. She never said that insurance was option or that I can choose not to have it. She claimed that my insurance doesn’t cover everything if I get into an accident or the car was stolen. We were anxious that car napper stole the car. Finally, we decided to assume full responsibility. Luckily, we were safe.
But today I got excited when I surfed Experience New Zealand with rental cars from just NZ$19 per day. I should also plan to visit New Zealand because it’s very cheap.
It's worth to mention that you always drive on the left-hand-side of the road. The rule is different from ours in Taiwan. To rent a motorcycle maybe a good choice so you require alpinestars gloves to protect you. The Alpinestars WR-3 Glove is an all-weather touring glove and is both 100% waterproof and highly breathable, featuring advanced TPU molded knuckle protection housed within the Leather main body construction for robust and durable performance. If you’re going walking in the cold or rainy area, 100% waterproof gloves are essential.

By the way, if you keep some animals or pets, you should know how to care these animals. A guppy and sailfin molly died of hunger when we traveled in Korea. Chicken Feeders or automated fish feeders are necessary for life.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The World’s Best Mortgage Broker in Christchurch to Save Time

Recently couch surfers living in Germany will stay at my home for some days. They choose Taiwan as their stopover on their journey to New Zealand, where they want to enjoy their parental holidays for nearly two month. What association do I have with the event? I guess it is probably worth starting out on your investment journey with the real estate in New Zealand. If you are contemplating for the best home loans and mortgages available, there are many mortgage brokers do the work for you. Most of them don’t give the full picture because they don’t account for everything that could be included in a mortgage. This is where ChristchurchBroker from Advanced Mortgage Solutions comes in.

918 Colombo Street Established in early 2008 Advanced Mortgage Solutions has helped thousands of people with our mortgage requirements, saving our time, money and hassle. Advanced Mortgage Solutions is able to assist with a complete range of home loan products. Regardless of whether we are a first home buyer, subsequent buyer, property investor, or if we are refinancing our existing loans, they can advise on the home loan product which will best suit our needs. This broker is fascinating.

If you, like us, love to have house parties, you will also meditate on catering equipment and the team at Midway Catering Equipment can help you.

Since 1993 they have been a vibrant family business. They are enthusiastic about serving both the hospitality trade and the general public and they are both importers and retailers of quality catering equipment. They are located in New Plymouth but deal with the hospitality trade all over New Zealand. Midway Catering Equipment serves the trade and is open to the public for quality commercial hospitality equipment. As well as cooking equipment they supply a range of dinnerware, cutlery, glassware extraction systems, dishwashers, Chef Uniforms, bake ware and much more. Brilliant customer service are wonderful, you should consider them.
Rent To Buy Homes
The coolest thing I will share with you is Rent2Buy help to rent to own real estate. Rent2Buy are NZ's leading rent to own and rent to buy property specialists. Rent2Buy has some advantages:

  • Your rent money is now working for you!
  • Get into a home with little cost
  • Option money is credited towards purchase
  • Profits from appreciation
  • No lengthy mortgage approval processes
  • Control of the home and Home Improvements

I promise I've never heard such good news. I would definitely recommend this approach to buying your own home to any one who hasn’t the right amount of deposit and doesn’t want the market to rise and leave them even further away from owing that first home.

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