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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Globalmediapro - - Professional video and audio equipment online store

A few years ago Sophia and I visited Qijin Island in Kaohsiung. We ate oriental palatable snacks and then went sightseeing. We saw that some people were going surfing. Pretty cool! I very want to learn how to surf because I aspired to go surfing in New Zealand. But that time I can not enjoy surfing so I attached Tamron A017 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Macro Zoom Lens (f/4 to 5.6) to my Nikon D80. I want to take some pictures to record. It’s too far to take well. We should purchase professional video equipments. Piha Surf School recommended me Globalmediapro. Let’s see the illustration.

Globalmediapro is an online store selling professional video equipment. Globalmediapro aids Piha Surf School and has a high position in local surfing life not only as a sponsor but also helping with equipment and participating in events. Let's read on.

Everyone knows extreme sports are very popular in New Zealand but documenting extreme sports requires the highest standards in professional equipment which is Globalmediapro's specialty. Globalmediapro was pleased about the beauty and lifestyle qualities associated with outdoor sports like surfing. Being competitive and achieving personal excellence are qualities they need in themselves and encourage in the performances of the sportsmen they sponsor.

Globalmediapro is sending two top upcoming surfers, Zen and Tane Wallis, to the 2011 ISA World Surfing Championship in Panama. This is the Olympics of surfing where surfers from 30 countries compete for gold medals.

One is of the members of the NZ Tag Team (surfing relay), competing at the 2011 International Surfing Games in Panama. (Tane Wallis is in the middle with his brother Zen to his left.)

The New Zealand team placed 7th but were less than 3 points behind the South African and the USA Teams after over an hours surfing. The NZ team's overall result was 9th from 30 countries competing, which considering the young age of the NZ Team was a remarkable achievement.

The surfing photo is of Zen Wallis in full flight during the Panama ISA World Games.

Globalmediapro's relationship with the International competitive endeavours of two of New Zealand's top upcoming young surfers is a long term marketing strategy to demonstrate GMP's ability to help people better realise and achieve their goals. Globalmediapro's wide range of products at very competitive prices ensures customers can purchase everything from the one site with ease.

Globalmediapro surfer, Tane Wallis, stopped off at the world famous 'Trestles' surf break in Southern California for a few waves on his return from competing at the ISA World Surfing Champs in Panama.

Tane represented NZ placing 49th from 100 top surfers form 30 different countries. Tane is only 16 years old, (one of the events youngest competitors) and the experience will only further develop the maturity he already shows in his surfing.

The footage was shot and editted by his 19 year old brother who also competed with the NZ Team in Panama.

On the 6th and 7th of August, Piha Surf School intructor Zen Wallis and his brother, Tane ventured north to compete in the 30th Polar Bear Classic surfing contest held at Northland's Sandy Bay. The event which is run by the Northcoast Boardriders Club was held in 2-3 foot clean offshore waves.

30TH Annual Polar Bear Classic

Tane Wallis won the Under 18 division and placed 2nd in the premiere Open Men's division. NZ National Longboard Champ, Thomas Kibblewhite won the Longboard with Piha Surf School Instructor, Zen Wallis placing 4th. In the Over 40's division, 2 times National Over 40's champ, Rick Lasch came first while NZ Over 40' Longboard Champ, Brian Young placed 2nd. In the Open Men's division it was Zen again who convincingly took out the main prize.

Tane dominated the final from beginning to end showing his class to confirm himself as the best Junior surfer in New Zealand. Tane also placed 3rd in the Under 18 Longboard event.

Tane Wallis

Wa! It's pretty cool. If you can not play the extreme sports, you should buy something to video the events.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Taiwan-A very common travel destination for travelers

Last year Bretoi’s family stayed overnight at my place. They stopped over in Taiwan for several days en route to Bend, Oregon. It is because of budget airline that Taiwan became a famous place. So I want to introduce more about Taiwan.
The former name Formosa (福爾摩沙) dates from 1544, when Portuguese sailors sighted the main island of Taiwan and named it Ilha Formosa, which means "Beautiful Island". The island of Taiwan is a more fashionable travel destination for both travelers and tourists. Taiwan is remarkable for everything from its booming business to its ancient culture. Even if Taiwan is much less than 14,000 square miles in region, it is the place to find over 22 million individuals. Modern Taiwan is defined by the migration of mainland Chinese citizens to the island pursuing the Communist revolution of China over 65 years ago. Nevertheless the government of Taiwan claims to be the valid government of mainland China, the world still recognizes the mainland government as the legitimate authority.

Political struggles aside, the island and people of Taiwan are worth visiting. Travelers who seek a comparison between traditional conventional Asian culture and contemporary Asian development will need look no farther than Taiwan to satisfy your traveling requirements.

Visitors who travel Taiwan need to ensure not to miss the following:
Taipei: Taiwan's largest city, called Taipei, is a rambling metropolis found on the northern end of the island that offers travelers with a personal view of contemporary Asia and its economic boom. Only 100 years ago Taipei was a valley filled with rice and vegetable farmers, but right now, travelers to Taiwan will observe a busy city filled with commerce and culture. Whilst the speed may well be frenetic, Taipei still offers a few of Taiwan's finest food and friendliest folks. Leading sites in Taipei consist of the 228 Memorial Peace Park, a memorial to Chinese exiles from the mainland; the Longshan Temple, dedicated to the Guanyin’s pity; the National Palace Museum, which keeps tens of thousands of artistic treasures; along with the Chunghwa Postal Museum, housing six floors of exhibits about mail and stamps.
Taoyuan: Taoyuan County is a county in northwestern Taiwan near New Taipei, Hsinchu County, and Yilan County. Including Zhongli, the county is a large metropolitan area, home to many industrial parks and tech company headquarters. Taoyuan County developed from a satellite city of Taipei metropolitan area to be the fourth largest metropolitan area in Taiwan. Taoyuan County's easy commute to New Taipei and Taipei City causes it to be the most immigrated county in Taiwan.
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, which serves Taipei and northern Taiwan, is located in this county. Leading sites in Taoyuan consist of Longgang Mosque, Taiwan's 5th mosque and near my home; Shihmen Reservoir; Daxi Old Street, one of the famous Taiwan old streets that used to be a bustling hub for camphor and tea trade, filled with diverse stores with façades designed in a Baroque style; Cihu Mausoleum; Window on China Theme Park; Lalashan; Taoyuan Martyrs Shrine.
Dawn view from Alishan on Wiki
Alishan: This mountain resort, found in the center of Taiwan is an unbelievable contrast to high-speed Taipei. The high elevation mountain air is cool and clean and will refresh travelers. As soon as your blood starts moving, you may be energized and driven to research the pleasurable mountains and countryside. It includes, among other things, mountain wilderness, four villages, waterfalls, high altitude tea plantations, the Alishan Forest Railway and several hiking trails. Alishan is well known for its sunrises, and on a suitable morning one can observe the sun come up on a sea of clouds in the area between Alishan and Yüshan.

Eco-tourisms: In an effort to protect significantly of the islands natural habitat, the government of Taiwan has created numerous National Scenic Areas and National Parks. One of the best methods for travelers to Taiwan to see these nature preserves would be to arrange for an eco-tourism. Tours are either single-day or multi-day and may add in a number of scenic area or parks. Travelers can discover numerous eco-systems, including mountains, forests, wetlands and coastal areas.

Hot Springs: Because of its geology, Taiwan has a high attentiveness of natural hot springs. Since the beginning of civilization, the residents of Taiwan have considered that the island's hot springs have re-establishing characteristics. There's little doubt that hot springs offer a healing remedy for lots of aches and ailments, so travelers to Taiwan really should take advantage of the quite a few hot springs situated all through the island.

Pursuits: Travelers who visit Taiwan can likewise take advantage of a broad variety of other pursuits too. Aquatic events like snorkeling, surfing, sailing and canoeing are offered; and land activities like hiking and rock climbing are hot also.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport gets best rating in history of Skytrax survey

Taoyuan International Airport has earned its highest ranking ever in Skytrax’s latest rating of global airports. The airport’s global ranking improved six notches from last year to 18th. It is good news for everybody and me in Taiwan.

The Skytrax ratings are based on a global survey of 18.85 million passengers from 160 countries around the world. The Taoyuan airport also ranked in the top 10 in the categories Best Transit Airport, Best Airport Immigration and Best Baggage Delivery. Its strong showing comes after work on the renovation of Terminal One was completed last year.

From the news I also knew that Taoyuan International Airport’s visibility was raised when it was featured in director Luc Besson’s latest movie “Lucy.” I made a careful check of Lucy on wiki. I found it will release on 22 August 2014 in Taiwan. I have to see the movie in any case.

On 2 April 2014, the first trailer for Lucy was released on "Scarlett Johansson Goes Superhuman in ‘Lucy’ Trailer (VIDEO)". I post the YouTube Video as below:

Welcome to see the movie because the locations filmed at were Taipei 101, Taiwan’s Regent Taipei hotel, Club Myst, Tri-Service General Hospital, and the underground passage at Heping Road and Dunhua Road except Taoyuan International Airport.

Wait! It suddenly strikes me that we will have a birthday party that day. It's unbelievable. I have a good plan.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zhongli - One of the Most Immigrated Cities in Taiwan

Ever since I invited couchsurfers to stay with us, I have been thinking of changing my surroundings as well. I’ve decided to start my journey a little closer to home. Right now, I am in Zongli. My home city - Jungli (also Jhongli or Zhongli), formerly Chungli (and spelled Tionglek or Tiongliek in the 19th century), is a city in Taoyuan County of Taiwan. Zhongli is not always spelt consistently throughout the railway, bus stop or road plates, thus it can be quite confusing for English-only readers. It became a city before Taoyuan City, the county seat of Taoyuan County. Jungli is ranked 2nd by population in county-controlled city only after Taoyuan city. Ethnically, it is considered a kind of capital city for the Hakka people who live in great numbers here and in surrounding areas; a lot of the elderly could speak Hakka in addition to Mandarin and Taiwanese. Although I am of Hakka descent, I could not speak Hakka and only speak Mandarin, Taiwanese or English. Maybe you will think it’s unusual.
Jungli is one of the most immigrated cities due to its convenience and proximity to Taipei (easy to commute). So I love Zhongli. I’m glad I live in such a cool place.
from wiki JhongliStation Front
The city of Jungli is mainly centered around the TRA Jhongli Station. Zhongli Station (or Jhongli Station) (中壢車站) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line located in Zhongli, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. The TRA station is the 3rd busiest station of Taiwan. There are two island platforms and one side platform. The rear station(後站) opened on December 31, 1995. I think it’s my friends’ second destination because they need take Taoyuan 5089 Bus from Taoyuan Airport to Zhongli Station. This Zhongli Station means the bus station of Taoyuan Bus Corporation near the Zhongli Train Station. We usually take friends to my home from this exit by car or by scooter if we have time - - if not, you’d better take a bus which is operated by Taoyuan Bus Corporation and Chungli Bus Traffic, Inc. from the bus station to my home.

JhongliStation Back
I know it does not seem to be convenient to you. But if you want to go to Taipei or to Kaohsiung the train station can server us very well. I love this city and it is the best base for touring north Taiwan for you. I will introduce more about it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Taoyuan Airport - Best Airports 2013 in Asia

The SleepingInAirports community has voted Taoyuan International Airport as the sixth best airport in Asia. A traveler of the world said,” It was so modern, so spacious with beautiful architecture and mood lighting. When I approached the staff for directions, they were so friendly and helpful.” I never know this because I live in Taoyuan and do not need to sleep in the airport. The couchsurfers who stay with us do also not need to sleep in the airport because they have a big bed to sleep in my home. So I want to introduce more about the first destination which every foreigner visit Taiwan.

Initially known as the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (CKS International Airport) when it opened for commercial operations in 1979, the main airport serving Taiwan and the city of Taipei is now famous for the Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE, ICAO: RCTP). It is located directly west of the capital of Taiwan, about 40 minutes by car.

The airport operates two main terminals, which totally host more than 27 million passengers every year. It now stands as one of Asia's primary air hubs, providing for flights to many different parts of the world. The main airlines serving Taoyuan Airport are China Airlines and EVA Airlines - two of Asia's most appreciated airlines.

The following points draw round the various passenger pleasures that exist within the terminals, that is the main passenger terminals, of Taoyuan Airport.

Airport Hotels:  Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and Evergreen Transit Hotel , one of which is part of a world well-known hotel chain, place on the premises of the airport. They are both located just a few minutes walk from the terminals. They are excellent options for those passengers who don't like to wait overnight at airports.

Business Centre: the business centre at Taoyuan Airport is designed to provide managerial services and facilities to business travelers. However, passengers don't have to be business travelers to experience the business centre. There are buffet and food options, internet services, business facilities, television, shower rooms and conference rooms.

Beauty Salon: Taoyuan Airport offers an outstanding hair and beauty salon for customers to enjoy. The service offers male and female haircuts, and hand/nails protection. The service provides a great hiding spot to flee the occasional disorder of the terminal.

Children's Playroom: take the tension out of waiting at the airport, and send the children to the terminal playroom. This will provide adults more time to take pleasure in the services of the airport, while providing an enjoyable and fun atmosphere for the kids. Terminal 2 has about three children's playrooms, while Terminal 1 contains just the one.

Internet: wireless internet is available for all clients in the airport. However, another service that is conveniently operating in the terminals is the computer zone services. This allows passengers even without laptops to enjoy searching the internet or play games while waiting.

Massage: several branches of Blind Friend Massage services are situated within the airport. They are quite renowned in the airport, as it gives visitors a chance to rest and revitalize for their flight or upcoming holiday.

National Palace Museum: the National Palace Museum is a series of stores and exhibitions located within the airport. Patrons can explore the exhibitions, and even buy some of the art pieces on display.

Restaurants: the range of menus and restaurants at Taoyuan Airport is amazing. Visitors don't just have to eat Chinese food when waiting at the terminals. There are quiet a number of Western menus available too. 

Burger King is commonly regarded as the most renowned fast-food store in Taoyuan Airport.

Shopping: Taoyuan Airport and its shopping are indissolubly linked. Many passengers that experience the terminals in Taoyuan Airport rhapsodize over the shopping experience. There are duty free shops in the international section of the terminal. Also, non-duty free shops are found in most areas of Taoyuan Airport.

Transport: when it comes to modes of transport, Taoyuan Airport has plenty to select from. Car rental in the terminals is a fantastic service for those travelers who want to experience the sites of Taiwan, rather than just Taipei. Nevertheless, buses, both public and privately operated, leave from the airport and arrive into the facility on a regular basis. Dozens of taxis are always found outside the terminal exits.

The Taoyuan Airport offers travelers a lot of shopping/dining/service choices, while also providing a number of art exhibitions and display windows on subjects related to Taiwan. Although I rarely buy things in the airport, for foreigners to buy these things sometimes also full of convenience. If you have time to learn more about the history of aviation development in Taiwan, you can pay the Aviation Museum a visit. Or if you have a day, even you can hang out with me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How We Take Out the Garbage in Taiwan

I was playing a board game with Frederik from Mainz, Germany and he pointed me to something that he’ll never see in Germany – the garbage stop and music. Visibly, taking out the trash in Taiwan is a lot more involved than simply walking it to his trash can. He felt funny that these trucks are equipped with speakers that play music -- popular tunes include Beethoven's "Für Elise" and Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska's "A Maiden's Prayer"

In Taiwan, the garbage truck doesn’t come to us. Instead, we go to the garbage truck. Just like you have bus stops back home, Taiwan has garbage stops. We wait at these stops for the garbage truck to show up so they can dump their trash. The really funny thing that my foreign friends think but I do not think it is special is these trucks sound like an ice cream truck. Well, I think it’s strange the ice cream truck played “A Maiden's Prayer”. And in fact I never see the ice cream truck in my American trip.

Actually, I hate the "trash doesn't touch the ground" system because we always need to spend the evening waiting for the trucks and sometimes even need to run after a garbage truck. Somebody run after a truck by scooter and it’s very dangerous. I think it is a stupid government’s policy but I need to obey it.

Maybe I can check out the garbage trucks in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore on March.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buy Home Products at PeachSuite Hotel Supply

Three weeks ago Sophia and I made a 12-day backpacker tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We chose S1 Hostel in Bangkok and AL-33 Hotel Melaka to stay. We also stayed with friends while we were in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Staff in S1 Hostel was very nice and helpful if need be, they spoke decent English to get by. We could not find anything to eat really around the hotel in the morning. I'm sure there were things, but we did not know which way to go. If they have Browne Foodservice Supplies and provide breakfast, I think this will be perfect.

AL-33 Hotel Melaka is located right in the main street but because of the hotel does not have any signage and lacks of road sign, there was a taxi that went to the hotel for 20 ringgit. The room is very tiny, we didn't expect it to be that small. The bed and pillows are not that comfy though it's rather new, I reckon the hotel should provide at least 2 sets of pillows since it's so thin. And if they use Hotel Shower Curtains to help keep water from running on the floor in the bathroom, this will be better. Location of the hotel was alright but we rented two bicycles for 20 ringgit half of the day. They have no laundry service. What's even worse is that they used their own washing machine to serve us for 10 ringgit, we lost my five toes stock and Sophia’s a piece of clothing.

Should you stay in AL-33 Hotel Melaka? No, it's not worth it now. I really recommend AL-33 Hotel Melaka choose PeachSuite Hotel Supplies to improve their quality of service. I will advise you of any change in their services. 

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