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My name is Stephen Liu and I’ve been traveling Taiwan since 1982. Growing up in Kaohsiung, It seems to me I am an old traveler. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 29. Outside a flight and fellow trip to Hong Kong, I had no travel experience. After some years, I got married and the standard Taiwanese two weeks a year vacation. We wanted to use that time to travel. After all, it was vacation time, right? So for our first trip overseas, we went on a tour to Japan.
That trip changed our life.
From that point on, I got hooked on overseas travel.
But like most Taiwanese I only had ten days of vacation per year and I didn’t know any of the smart ways to save money and travel longer. Two events changed that. One was 2moro that is a Taiwanese boy band, whose members are twins Anthony Guo (郭彥均) and Angus Guo (郭彥甫) interviewed me when I lunched in Tung Men Dumpling Restaurant after completing an endowment in Taipei Taiwan Temple. Both brothers co-hosted a variety show 食尚玩家(Super Taste) on TVBS Entertainment Channel and TVBS-Asia. This was very interesting and let me know Super Taste show. From that moment on, I began to take interest in food tourism programs like Super Taste, Globe Trekker and Fun Taiwan. This was why I started Fun Taiwan; FT for short, in July 2010 after the company which I worked for was merged into InnoLux and before an important event in my life that I got marriage.
The other event was that I joined Couchsurfing in 2010 and started to host members since 2013. Couchsurfing changes our lives. We open our home to travelers and learn about a new culture first-hand or practice a language. We also need to rediscover our city or country because we want to help people to know Taiwan. If possible they also help us to travel in their countries and stayed in their homes. I can't imagine what a wonderful travel we will have! I don’t need to quit and don’t need to be rich to travel.


After those events, I started to work hard in blog and want to build a passive income from blogging in order to chase my dreams. The only thing going for me is my love of photography and my love of anything related with technology. I am not a good writer in English but I know most things in Taiwan. This blog is here to inspire you the way these experiences and knowledge in Taiwan inspired me. I’m here to show you that it’s possible to travel in Taiwan without a lot of money.
This blog will provide you with experience tested tips and advice on need you can travel in Taiwan you want without spending a lot of money. Given the possibility, I also will share the information about overseas travel.
So stick around, learn how to travel cheaper, better, and smarter, and feel free to ask me any questions!

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So thank you for reading this blog and sharing a craze for travel. If you need anything, please e-mail me. I’m here to help.

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Stephen Liu
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