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Like I used to withdraw local currency from millions of ATMs around the world, I also want to share foreigners how to withdraw cash form Taiwan’s ATM systems. You can visit https://www.fisc.com.tw/EN/shared-CD.html to read English information but it’s too old because there is new Chinese information on https://www.fisc.com.tw/tc/business/Detail.aspx?caid=b38613b7-e55d-4841-bba7-25643821fe1f. I had experience of withdrawing cash in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore but I failed in South Korea. I still don’t know why? It’s very unusual.
We're running out of time, folks. Let's cut to the chase.
It shouldn't be difficult to find an ATM in Taiwan. Many of the convenience stores have them inside. Almost all bank offices you see on the street have a separate ATM area which operates 24 hours a day. They are also available in many other places like department stores. Some (but not all) of the ATMs support interbank networks like iconCirrus and iconPlus. So you can withdraw cash with them easily. Almost all ATMs in Taiwan can display information in English.
On June 27,2010 iconUnionPay and Taiwan Financial Information Service Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as FISC) jointly announced that nearly 3000 ATMS of Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. will fully open UnionPay card acceptance. So far, UnionPay card could withdraw cash on over 80% ATMs in Taiwan, including the only piece of ATM in Ali Mountain that Mainland tourists are familiar with. So if there are iconCirrus, iconPlus or iconUnionPay logo on your card, you can withdraw cash more easily.
ATM cards are machine-readable plastic cards issued by financial institutions to card-holders for the purpose of cash withdrawals, funds transfers, balance inquiries and so on. They consist of magnetic-strip cards and IC-chip cards according to the different data storage media used. To prevent the information and password in magnetic-strip ATM cards from being pirated (illegal duplication) and stolen in the course of data transmission, the Bankers Association of the Republic of China urged domestic banks to replace all magnetic-strip cards with IC-chip cards. The existing functions of interbank fund transfers in magnetic-strip ATM cards remained in force until March 2006. From then on, the infrastructure of the ATM card market in Taiwan has completely migrated to an IC-chip platform. Just as the old magnetic-strip cards could function, the new IC-chip ATM cards are able to make interbank cash withdrawals, funds transfers, bill payments, tax payments, and balance inquiries. In addition, they can also make debits for the use by consumers while shopping. So if you do not have any magnetic-strip ATM card, you can not withdraw cash in Taiwan.
In Taiwan ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) provide round-the-clock service, seven days a week. It’s convenient for most night owls. 
To avoid any messy flags and holds on your accounts, call your bank before you go to inform them that you will be traveling and living abroad. You will often get hit with foreign use fees if you decide to make purchases on your credit card. For Hong Kong people, cardholders are reminded to activate the overseas cash withdrawal capability (through ATMs, online banking, phone banking or bank branches as provided by the relevant card issuing banks) before travelling, if they think they may need to withdraw cash from ATMs outside Hong Kong (including those in Mainland, Taiwan and Macau). They could specify an expiry date for the activation period and set an overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit that is lower than the limit for local cash withdrawal. Hong Kong ‘s cardholders are reminded not to set the valid period longer than needed to avoid reducing the effectiveness of such security measure.  Cardholders should contact their own card issuing banks for details if in doubt.

Let's sum up:

1. ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) provide round-the-clock service, seven days a week. You can use a financial card at any ATM machine with the mark to make interbank withdrawals, account transfers, bill payments, tax payments, and balance inquiries.
2. You can use VISA or MasterCard credit cards at any ATM machine with the   marks to take a cash advance

3. You can use VISA or MasterCard debit cards at any ATM with the logo to make cross-border cash withdrawals in the local currency.

It's miraculous! No matter where you are from, you can withdraw cash in Taiwan. Have fun in Taiwan. 
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