RSS feeds and SEO implementation for your WordPress blog

Two months ago I translated the article”Creating Content – Post Length & Post Frequency”. It said “Updating on a daily basis has many benefits. It encourages readers to check your blog everyday or subscribe to your RSS feed.”But Lionel Kendall also taught us how to gain subscribers in the article(

First, position it well on your site, otherwise people will neither see it nor use it. So John Chow made the world’s biggest RSS button. I think everyone must see it.

Second, seriously consider full feeds. Some guys worried about full feeds will decreases the blog traffic. Take it easy, you will solve the problem if you adopt the third suggestion.

Third, offer alternative subscription methods.Like me I offered the e-mail subscriptions on the sidebar , usually delivered by FeedBurner (, which is owned by Google.

The other topic I want to talk about is basic SEO implementations. Here are some tips that Lionel Kendall want us to consider when setting up our theme:

  • Validate! You can check it by URI,File Upload and direct input here:
  • Permalinks, obviously. To turn on SEO friendly URL, go to Options in your WordPress control panel and choose Permalinks.
  • Tags and keywords. The All in One SEO Pack plugin is a very great WordPress plugin to help you rank higher with search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Very easy to install and use.
  • Generate a sitemap. I have installed the Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin: generator/.
  • The title tag. I wrote the Chinese article “站內最佳化” and I also mentioned the importance of the title tag.
  • Headings. I used headings in my posts on my blog, but don’t use sub heading tags, so now this is a great point I will try and remember!
  • Reconsider links. In an article called 55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love in Search Engine Journal, Richard Burckhardt says “If content is king, then links are queen”. So we all agree the links are very important.
  • Related posts are relevant links. You’ll notice that I include a list of “related posts” at the end of my post.
  • Breadcrumbs. OK!I found the Breadcrumb Navigation XT is very popular. Please visit the official website for obtaining the latest and further information on this plugin!
  • Load time. Time is money. Don’t let your site be slow.

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