Blue Lagoon Has Gone Out Of Business

Blue Lagoon was located on Kaixuan 4th Rd in Kaohsiung City near Treasure Island Shopping, once the largest water theme park in southern Taiwan. They advertised mainly in the Caribbean style water theme park. It was closed down on April 7, 2010. Taiwan Sugar Corporation for the land owner, has been razed to the ground. I heard gales of laughter coming from the park. They had the gall to go bankrupt without notices. The game is up. Now if we want to play with water, we need to reach E-DA WORLD.
The site says now,”Sorry!! We are Under Maintenance.”
Our gang went to Blue Lagoon after the church activity. We gaped in amazement at the amusement facility.
The second young sister in the photo to the right is Anny Yang. She now is a beautiful lady. And the second woman in the photo to the left is Michelle Huang.  She married and lived in America. We rushed a water slide and had a great time. We did a lot of touristy stuff.
The advertisement is said,”Blue Lagoon Water Park Attractions include Wave Lagoon, with artificial waves; Calypso Curves, with 12-m slides; Caribbean Waters, with 350 m of river-like streams for floating; Thunder River, with a 13-m tower and slides; Big Jamaica, with family rafting rides; and Terror Tower, with 18-m water slides. In accordance with their Caribbean theme, the restaurants in the Blue Lagoon Water Park provide Bar-B-Q meals, smoked foods, cocktail and a variety of authentic sauces.
Clear blue waters, swaying palms and tropical ambiance are the obvious perks of a visit to this water park, but safety is another draw. Thrill rides are fully supervised and routinely monitored, and all equipment and water conditions are checked daily prior to opening. If systems do not bear up to international water park standards, the park does not open until the problem is corrected. A team of lifeguards and medical professionals is always on hand. Attractions include Wave Lagoon, with artificial waves to surf or swim; Thunder River, with a 13-meter tower and slides for single or double ride rafting tubes; Calypso Curves, with 12-meter slides; Caribbean Waters, with 350 meters of river-like streams for floating; Big Jamaica, with family rafting rides for groups of up to five; and Terror Tower, with 18-meter tower slides and high-speed triple drop flume. For those who like to have fun in the water without too much excitement, there is Caribbean Home, a four-story tree house with water activities, as well as Island Crossing, a water challenge game, and Cool Jamaica, a cold water spa massage facility. There is also Kiddies Cove, with a shallow wading pool, a food court and a live entertainment plaza. Swimsuits, flippers, tanning lotion and an array of beach gear are available to make a ride on the waves effortless.”
The hot south wind was blowing hard. And I thought everyone loves to paddle at the water park.
I was dead beat after a day's activity.
Take flights to Kaohsiung Airport, then you can take a public bus to the intersection of the Jhungshan Rd. and Kai Shuan Rd. and walk about 5 minutes to Blue Lagoon Water Park, or from the Kaohsiung Airport and take the Taxi to Blue Lagoon Water Park (charge about NT160). You can go there but you can not see anything.
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