Sun, Scenery & Culture Combined: Five Unique Travel Destinations in Taiwan

Taiwan, which is also named as the Republic of China, was founded in 1912 and it’s the first democratic republic in Asia. In 1949 the republic broadened its borders and now includes the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Dongsha, Zhongsha, and Nansha.

The land area of Taiwan is about 36,000 square kilometers and it is shaped like a leaf. It is located off the southeastern coast of Asia. Japan is to the north; Philippines to the south These days Taiwan is getting more and more popular as a touristic destination, making it the perfect place to visit and spend some days, as it combines sea, monuments, culture and beauty of the landscapes.

Taiwan is located on the western edge of the Pacific and there is a lot of tectonic movement which creates these beautiful landscapes. Peaks and hills, plains, coastlines and basins, as well as numerous different natural landscapes combined with the nice subtropical and tropical climate provide different temperatures between the seasons. The species of animals and plants that live there are extremely rare sometimes and indigenous, so they are included in the endangered species. More than 18400 species are considered to live on the island and more of 20% of them are endangered.

When it comes to destinations in Taiwan that you can combine both pleasure and touristic attractions the choices are many.

 1) Taipei
 Taipei is the capital or Taiwan and it combines both beautiful scenery and culture attractions. Don’t miss visiting the Long Shan Temple, Tamshui, National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, as well as Ximending (Ximen Red House). When it comes to the landscapes and the scenery of the town it’s highly recommended to visit Elephant Mountain (as it also known as Nangang District Hiking Trail) and the Maokong Gondola in the mountain Maokong. The Maokong gondola route stops at Taipei Zoo, Maokong station and the Zhinan Temple. The Maokong station stop lies at the top of the mountain and it offers a panoramic view of the city. There, there is a nice restaurant where visitors can try local delicacies like noodles cooked with tea oil and glutinous rice accompanied with bamboo shoots.

 2) Kaohsiung

 Kaohsiung is one of the most beautiful towns in Taiwan and has both beautiful landscapes, like the Chichin Island and the Shoushan Mountain, two attractions that most tourists of the region visit. Chichin Seashore Park is created in the shore of the previously referred island and it’s very popular among the tourists. As for cultural attractions, tourists seem to prefer Buddha Memorial Centre, as a religious attraction as well as Fo Guang Shan Monastery. Qihou Paotai Storeland is an exceptional history museum and a must – see of the region.

3) Xinbei
 Xinbei also provides great pleasure to visitors, as there are many things to do around. Do not forget to visit the Yeh Liu Geo Park, which is located in the area. It is a cape in the region of Wanli, near Taipei and it is famous for its hoodoo stones, the thin spires of rock that are formed by sedimentary stone. A lot of those rock formations have some creative names and the most known “The Queen's Head.” As for landscapes, the most romantic one in the region is Danshuei and you really need to visit Juming Museum, if you are around the area.

4) Hualien
It’s a nice region where landscapes and sceneries are the most important things to see in the area. Taroko Gorge and the Tarako National Park are very beautiful and attract a quite big amount of tourists. Never go during a dry season, as the water rushing down the gorge and makes a world of difference. Ruisui and the local university are good spots to visit too.

5) Tainan
There, you can visit Anping Tree House, a historic spot, as well as the Chimei Museum and the Confucius Temple. There is also a very nice historic museum, Tainan Parkthat, is a tourist attraction too, but not only. It’s a very nice landscape too.

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