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Three weeks ago Sophia and I made a 12-day backpacker tour of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We chose S1 Hostel in Bangkok and AL-33 Hotel Melaka to stay. We also stayed with friends while we were in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Staff in S1 Hostel was very nice and helpful if need be, they spoke decent English to get by. We could not find anything to eat really around the hotel in the morning. I'm sure there were things, but we did not know which way to go. If they have Browne Foodservice Supplies and provide breakfast, I think this will be perfect.

AL-33 Hotel Melaka is located right in the main street but because of the hotel does not have any signage and lacks of road sign, there was a taxi that went to the hotel for 20 ringgit. The room is very tiny, we didn't expect it to be that small. The bed and pillows are not that comfy though it's rather new, I reckon the hotel should provide at least 2 sets of pillows since it's so thin. And if they use Hotel Shower Curtains to help keep water from running on the floor in the bathroom, this will be better. Location of the hotel was alright but we rented two bicycles for 20 ringgit half of the day. They have no laundry service. What's even worse is that they used their own washing machine to serve us for 10 ringgit, we lost my five toes stock and Sophia’s a piece of clothing.

Should you stay in AL-33 Hotel Melaka? No, it's not worth it now. I really recommend AL-33 Hotel Melaka choose PeachSuite Hotel Supplies to improve their quality of service. I will advise you of any change in their services. 
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