UDUTU – The Best Kept Secret in the E-Learning Industry

When it comes to course authoring, online training and LMS’s, the solutions out there are in the thousands; however, most of them are overpriced, buggy, poorly designed and have long and difficult learning curves for users. Most users find it confusing to differentiate between the merits of different LMS’s and put a value on the deal they are getting. I think Udutu is a great option for E-Learning.
       None the less, there is a standout winner amongst them all which most people are unaware of, and that is UDUTU. The pioneer in web based learning solutions since 2005, UDUTU enables its customers, who are largely non-professional course developers, the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and educate others with comprehensive, intuitive and empowering technology-based learning solutions backed by on-demand service and support that can be scaled quickly to meet their growing needs. It is a tried and tested solution that 70,000 accounts use daily.  It seems that Udutu is the top LMS of 2016. 
      The value for the users is represented in the many benefits which UDUTU’s course authoring tool and LMS offer over other more expensive solutions, some of which are as follows:

What makes UDUTU special?
What does this mean to the customer?
Easy to Use and Implement
Customers can develop courses quickly and don’t need to be technical experts to roll them out
Incredible Value
Customers don’t have to spend a lot – or get budget approvals in order to use the tools, which helps them look like they have made a good business decision.
Customers don’t have to worry about data integrity.
Doesn’t Require Licenses
Teams can work collaboratively throughout the development process because everyone can access the tool without a license. This speeds up QA processes and increases engagement. Once deployed, it also means that there is no administrative burden managing licensing within the organization.
Enables additional resources to be leveraged throughout the world
Customers can build a basic course and then bring in additional resources (for example, UDUTU’s graphic artists) to add additional content from anywhere in the world.
Truly Scalable
Customers can start small and scale fast as needed.
Customers can work anywhere and do not need any special servers or increased bandwidth.

        These benefits are particularly appealing to four kind of clients. Firstly, the government departments because UDUTU helps them create effective learning modules to meet regulatory compliance. The system is both easy to use and easy to deploy – and has a proven success record with thousands of crown corporations.
       Secondly, the small and medium sized businesses who are interested in developing their staff so they can be more effective on the floor. UDUTU’s simple to use technology enables them to create professional online learning tools to help educate their staff.
       Thirdly, independent professionals and consultants who are subject matter experts with information to share. UDUTU’s tools are cost-effective and simple to use - and empower them to create effective learning tools for their customers and clients.
     And lastly, colleges and universities can use the services for a very low cost and effective way of expanding their student reach.
     All in All, UDUTU certainly is the one of the best authoring, learning and training solutions out there with the power to transform your business in a cost effective way which non-professional course developers and subject matter experts can make great use of.
I recommend you for this service because Udutu provides top value for the features it provides.
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