How much the show money to get a taiwan tourist visa?

OK!It’s not my problem. But I think many foreign friends will encounter this problem. I googled the web and found Taiwan Tourist Visa is useful for everyone. Don't mention you want to teach English, because it's illegal to work on a visitor visa. It’s true because you still provide Work Permit by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), Alien Residence Certificate(ARC), Taxable Income, Tax Deduction and Tax Refund. So you should obey the laws.

Tell them you want to travel around Asia. I think it’s a good reason to Taiwan. And I’m glad to welcome you to my home.

You can extend your visa at a Taiwanese Bureau of Consular Affair or at numerous Foreign Affair Offices throughout Taiwan. I learn about the site from the article.

And there some requirements for the visitor visa:

  • A valid passport (6 months validity minimum)
  • 2 recent photos (2" X 1.5")
  • A completed Taiwan visa application form
  • A plane ticket to Taiwan (an e-ticket will do)
  • A plane ticket out of Taiwan
  • Bank Statement with a minimum of US$ 3000
  • Contact address and phone number in Taiwan

And there is a special tip to write a nice friendly letter about multiple entry visa.

$$$ Visa Fee $$$

You have to pay either with cash, by money order, bank draft or a certified check.

Single Entry: US$50 Multiple Entry: US$ 100$
Rush Service: Single Entry: US$25 Multiple Entry: US$50

You can apply Taiwan Tourist Visa at a Taiwanese overseas mission.

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