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Maybe we can use the service to be a working holiday maker. Wow! That seems totally awesome!


If there’s one thing you can gain knowledge about Timothy Ferriss, it’s the value of hiring a professional and wanting to tighten your belt. You can have much free time to do anything by finding builder, carpenter, cleaning services, construction, flooring, gardener, gardening, handyman, painter, roofing, roofer, plumber, plumbing, floorer, and carpeting to do the work.

It is very easy to understand projects that are sensibly considerable, but what about all the temporary jobs? How do you go about treating them? Hire-a-Pro.com could be the solution and it is suitable for the topic of today’s review. Can you get a lot done for just pennies every time?


When you go to Hire-a-Pro.com, you must understand that you’re not going to get a freelancer who will assist you write a long book. That’s not what this site is about. Instead, it’s about a series of jobs for employers posting their jobs and if you like you can bid for the job.


First, the employers need to register for free. And then you will need to verify that you own the email address you provided at registration. When your account is ready to use, you can login to post your jobs.


Second, you can select a membership group to start enjoying the benefits of using the services provided by us at Hire-a-Pro.com or alternatively upgrade your existing membership plan. I temporarily select Customer type to play the role of employers. The next screen seems complicated. Ok, let’s go to the home page.

I think there are three important parts to start:

1. Describe and post your project

2. Professionals submit bids

3. Pick your best offer

Now press the button of “Post a Job”.

How to describe and post your project? First, enter a title that accurately summarizes this listing and that will catch the attention of bidders. And select the categories which this listing applies to. Then describe this listing in detail. Specify a timeframe for the listing delivery. Select a realistic budget that you can afford. Upload some attachments. And finally, press the button of “Create Listing”.

Then you can see the summary like this.


How professionals submit bids? The service provider see the job if he likes the job he can place bid like this.


Last, the employer can pick his best offer. It is very easy.

So is Hire-a-Pro.com a completely new idea? Not in particular. You may already be familiar with a competitor where people provide to do various jobs. However, I like the design. But today does not walk, will have to run tomorrow. You are hurried into making a smart choice to post your job. And you will have more free time. For the

Contractors: It is your chance to get free construction leads!


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