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Sophia and I are planning a trip to America in the next spring. It is a big traveling expense. We can't afford to go abroad this summer. We've been saving up to go to America. We also want to find cheap flights and airline tickets to our favorite travel destinations. And plan out our route before we go. Although we do not drink wine, we want to widen our knowledge to study the complex similarities and differences of the lounge bars or clubs between Taiwan and America. We don't have a clue where we should go. How can we find local clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, lounges and bars that may interest us? We need a guide.

Last year we went to Tokyo for our honeymoon. We wanted to taste the legendary delicacy in Shinjuku - Mentsudan Product & Management Inc. We could not find this restaurant. We were cold, hungry and tired out. We were disappointed to taste the food and went back to the hotel to sleep. We need a guide to help us to find the place.

Even in my own country to find a store is also very time-consuming. We drive frequently around to find a good party. We need a correct and updated guide.

Party Registry.Com should give us a good idea of the nightlife. In today’s review, we’ll be taking a look at the Party Registry.Com. You may have already heard about this site, but did you know that you can rake in some serious dough telling people to use it?


With Party Registry you can press the button of “Hap Now” and check the hottest events are taking place before you go out. And when you arrive at a place, you will not see that it’s what it looked like on the flyer or advertising banner. If you want to know the hottest events of Chicago nightclubs, you can use this feature.

With Party Registry you can follow places and DJ’s you like or you can directly click the link of Las Vegas nightclubs to check out Las Vegas's best places and events on or the RartyRegistry phone apps before you visit Las Vegas or decide to go out on a Friday night.


With Party Registry you can make more friends through social network options. Maybe the friends will help you to visit the place you like. Or when you want to looking for the top Boston nightclubs, you can directly check out Boston’s best places and events on or the RartyRegistry phone apps before you visit Boston or decide to go out on a Friday night.

We like Party Registry and they seem all right. My mouth is watering. You'll have to try that and we will use the service.

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