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This year from late March to early April we got 8 days off to Korea. We wanted to rent a handset at the Gimhae International Airport previously. Later, I thought we do not speak Korean so mobile phone may not be useful for us. Because of my new Sharp mobile phone I believed we could download KTO’s Visit Korea 2.0 smart phone application to win a SIM card and free calling card which is promoted by KOREA TOURISM ORGANIZATION. But something that was counter-productive. Evergreen Mobile concealed some pricing details from us. Finally, we could not surfed internet while not in Wi-Fi hotspots. And then we spend much time to find any spot. It was a terrible blow to us.
By contrast, there are many free Wi-Fi hotspots in Taiwan although you need to apply for using. Like iTaiwan, TPE-Free or NewTaipei wireless service, their new convenient services will allow us to check our e-mail or browse the internet while we are away from home or at government offices for business. Also if you are not in these free Wi-Fi hotspots, you can apply for 7-WiFi, sina weibo, and FamiPort account to use free Wi-Fi service for 270 minutes everyday in many convenience stores.
Except these Wi-Fi services, you can sign up for a Taiwan Mobile – unlimited 3G access, SIM card at Taoyuan airport to use internet. Of course, you’ll need an unlocked smart phone. They have microsim cards, so iPhone users are in luck. At the Taiwan Mobile counter, tell them you want the unlimited 3G plan for visitors. They speak English. There are several different packages depending on your length of stay: for unlimited 3G internet for 7 days, it costs 500 NTD. I added on 250 talk time minutes for an additional 300 NTD just in case. Total: 800 NTD (or ~ $25 USD)

I think it’s cheaper in Taiwan than in Korea and more convenient.
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