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Two weeks ago a gal in a green polo shirt. Another in a pair of black jeans at her side. A lot of back-and-forth in a foreign tongue. They packed their stuff and started their 18 days trip around my country – Taiwan. The sky became covered with dark clouds at that day. I was afraid that Taiwanese plum rain season would disappoint their plans. That morning Sophia received messages from them in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 5:00 am. It’s an exciting piece of news. They would waited for two hours for the Tourist Information Counter to open (7:00 am) so that they could get their free Youth Travel Card. Only 19 to 30 year old Taiwanese or international youth can apply and youth can get discounts at various attractions with this card.
So far as I know, we can apply YH card to become a HI Member and the fantastic discounts will benefit us. But it is not free. Another cards like ISIC, ITIC and IYTC, we are not qualified to apply them. What a pity for the elderly like us! But it is so good to be young.
Never mind, you can use CouchSurfing to find nice hosts like me and you will have a fun Taiwan trip.
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