Plum Blossom in Jiaobanshan Park

Although our church gave a reception to our wedding on December 4, 2010, Sophia’s family insisted that we should send marry girl cake to the bride and her family after engagement according to tradition. We came from Daxi Township and into Jiaobanshan Park on January 8, 2011 before my mother and sister accompanied me to her home. Sophia and I moved about freely and quickly from Daxi to Lalashan on Northern Cross Island Highway (Highway 7) for many times but to Jiaobanshan hereabout in winter is second time. That was a wonderful journey for me.
Also known as Fuxing Park, Jiaoban Mountain (Jiaobanshan) Park is located on the southwest side of Mt. Jiaoban. Among the main attractions at the roomy park are the dozens of high maples that turn crimson red in autumn. The park is also home to old towering pines and plum trees that turn the park into a sea of pink during the blossom season. I took the “梅的故事之二” picture because I thought there should be some cultural histories on it. Today I searched Google and found “In 2003, the Taoyuan County Government invited 12 well-known sculptors, including Wu Hsuan-san, to create public art for a sculpture park and public art education area at Jiaobanshan Park. The highly creative sculptures blend with the local landscape and have contributed to the tourism appeal of this area.” Wu Hsuan-san is one of Taiwanese best-known painters and sculptors. The answer seemed to content me.
Fuxsing Youth Activity Center is suitably located in Jiaobanshan Park. You can make reservations for rooms online if you can read Chinese. Or I can help you to reserve rooms at this hotel. Of course, you can use CouchSurfing to send me a new CouchRequest. If I am free, I will host you. Then you can take 5098 and 5104 bus to Jiaobanshan Park. Hope you travel to the beautiful place in Taoyuan.
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