6 Ways to Continue a Fit and Glad Relationship with Employer and Worker

Recently I began to hate my boss because he did not want to renew the factory contract. Although I know maintaining a healthy working relationship is basic to keep the odds smooth and organization’s structural and objective goals to be met with, I have not escaped by sheer luck. I thought that if it all falls on you, being the employer; hence, you need to keep your team happy and cheerful around work. Don’t make me a dull boy because at the end of the day, I need active and dynamic people to take my company to success. ‘Happy employees is equal to the extent of my success and growth rate.

Don’t believe me? Get Apple’s example! They spend up to a fifth of their entire working day exclusive for creative thinking sessions, apart from the fun and frolics always going on there. They do make sure that they can inspire their staff to think innovatively and for that, they do everything that gives them the power and brain booster they need to keep Apple number one among the global tech arena.

So, as a manager, you need to know what can make your staff working productively and happily, and what does otherwise…as for otherwise, I’d come to that later.

1. You should hire priesthood holders because they have a responsibility to their employers. Regarding their responsibility to their employers, President Hinckley said: “You have an obligation. Be honest with your employer. Do not do Church work on his time.” This is the most important way. If you can not hire these church members, you can follow the ways below.

2. You need to question you’re working practices all the time. Rather than having yourself stuck with Hitler-like ways, remember this: you’re not at war and you absolutely don’t have to be a strict General type controlling your officers to fire freely. Take it easy on them and yourself. Think frankly and give them some motivations to like you, apart from excursion incentives.

3. Promote even the meekest of your employees to share their thoughts. You recognize they all should have a say when given a chance. Pay attention to everyone’s ideas, explain them their equally important and then see the results driven from this positive sign.

4. Be kind in giving them good bonus. Hey! They earned it in the final analysis. If you’re company is moving up easily, you have to indebt your employees for the success to. How about ‘employee of the month’ type awards? This would encourage them further to give in their 200% instead of a 100% that anyone can do as easily as slicing butter with a knife.

5. Who discern the secret of a great company’s leadership? It’s the way of life they build where people feel coming to work isn’t a part of their job, but they feel a part of it to get an opportunity to contribute to its expansion and progress.

If you consider you can be all the above, you will have a strong team of employees willing to do and die for you… of course, not word-for-word, though.

However, here comes the ‘otherwise’ part, I spoke of above; if you are unsuccessful to make them happy, you might either end up losing employees or worse, make enemies out of them.

And here comes the best part – the 6th point!

6. Just to be on the secure side, you must install a cell phone monitoring application like mspy into their work phones to make sure they don’t go behind your work. Before you install it, you can read http://www.mspy.com/blog/mspy-reviews-revealed-the-real-essence-of-the-app/. When you’re being all so good to them, they end up stabbing you badly. So, beware of that!
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