The Special Military dependents' village in Taichung - Rainbow Village

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I heard Rainbow Villages(彩虹眷村) many times. The places got around through word of month between bloggers and players who are eager for photography and became a good place for outdoor shooting. So far as I knew, one was in Taichung and the other one was in Kaohsiung. The Kaohsiung city was tearing down the buildings in the village but they found the historical remains of the West Gate of the Old City of Zuoying. Great work! I was impressed. One day I'll share the information about the Old City of Zuoying.
And now I want to talk about Rainbow Village in Taichung. Rainbow Village, also known as Gancheng 6th Village, lies in Lane 56, Chun'an Road, Taichung, Taiwan near Ling Tung University (LTU; Chinese: 嶺東科技大學). When I heard Ally Le and Norean Tan who were the first couch surfers to stay in our home will visit Rainbow Village I thought we can drop by on a weekend. That morning the weather in the East Asian rainy season, commonly called the plum rain season, was very bad. There was heavy rain in most parts of my country. It’s a good thing that we brought the umbrella and I drove them to Taichung. The place is a distance away from the bus stop and was not easy to find by car. If you have a scooter, it will be easy to go.
A place is good for photo-taking session. The art works were all drawn by one 90+ elderly man, and he looks quite fit when I last saw him! A Colorful and fanciful place which warms and touches your heart bringing me back to happy memories and innocence of my childhood.
You can drop some coins to buy some postcards while requesting for a photo to be taken with him. Are you ready to go?

Freeway 1 (Taiwan) Nantun   CR 136 (Wuquan West Road) – Taichung, LongjingZhongyong Rd turn left Jiangong Rd turn right
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