1 Day Kenting Tour

On May 2 we drove my mother to Kenting. Originally, we had planned a 2-Day tour of Kenting but most of the hotels are fully booked and no couchsurfer wanted to host us. So we changed the plan.
I haven't been to Taiwannew restaurant for ages. The flavor of beef noodles with soup did not change but they became more expensive. Frankly speaking, I think the beef is not so tender that it does not melt in my mouth.
Chuhuo Special Scenic Area(出火) is located outside of East Gate of Hengchun Township, and the fire was initially triggered by the underground natural gas overflow from the shale fissure. The locals recount the story of an expulsion of natural gas accidentally discovered by CNPC while sinking a well, and after its ignition, the spectacular fire has been kept going ever since. The area has been expanded into a parking lot and a park; the fire is best for the night viewing. It's miraculous! Cool!

Amazing isn’t it? The fire just out from the earth in this manner, cool !

East Gate(東門)
Hengchun is on the southern tip of Taiwan and gets its name because it enjoys spring-like weather year-round. The old city was built in 1873 during the Qing dynasty. The city wall, which is the best preserved in Taiwan, is 2.700 meters long with gates. The old walls in the center of Hengchun, which sits on the highway to Kenting, are designated as a second-grade historic site. We can begin our visit at the West Gate and walk to the Queen of Heaven (Mazu) Temple, the South Gate, and the East Gate, where we can climb to the top for panoramic views of the town. We can also watch flames spewing from the ground beside Chuhuo Bridge.

South Gate(南門)

About 4 km down the south of Sheding Park, on the edge of the coastal coral reefs, a boulder stands erect in the sea/ From after, it looks like a departing sailing ship, hence the name Sail Rock, but at a closer view it amusingly resembles the profile of former U.S. President Richard Nixon. Sail Rock is composed of 18 meter-high coral reefs that rolled down from the nearby plateau.

Originally I drove on the wrong side of the road to the most south point of Taiwa. Ouch! Really stupid. Cape Eluanbi (Chinese: 鵝鑾鼻; pinyin: Éluánbí; literally: "goose beak"), located in Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, is a cape on the southernmost end of the Taiwan Central Mountain Range. It is also known as Ngoluanpi. Facing the Luzon Strait, it is the southernmost point of mainland Taiwan. The name Gô-lôan (Chinese: 鵝鑾; pinyin: Eluan) derives from Goran, the term for "Sail" in the Paiwan language of Paiwan people, one of the groups of Taiwanese aborigines. The word phīⁿ (Chinese: ; pinyin: bi) means "nose", referring to the shape of the Cape. Now you need to pay an admission fee of NT40 but I remembered no pay when I was young. Although it was a normal day the mainland tourists occupied the cape.

In many people’s impression, not only E-Luan-Bi is a famous sight-seeing spot on Hengshun Peninsula, but also E-Luan-Bi Lighthouse is the most famous landmark in the most south of Taiwan. Many tourists definitely remember to visit this spot when traveling in KenTing. However, there are few people who know that the most south point of Taiwan is actually in a kilometer near E-Luan-Bi Park. The place is also a coral reef shore covered by various stones. People can hardly forget the grand and beautiful sea view. My mother did not want to walk to the most south point of Taiwan.
Sophia and I decided to rise to the challenge of risk. We found I’ve got no reception. It's unbelievable.

Kenting Street

We also walk around Kenting Street. But this was a normal day, there were few vendors. I guessed there were more vendors in the evening. I also want to visit GuanShan Sunset but my plans were thwarted by the weather. Another place to visit on Guanshan is the exquisite Kaoshanyan temple. Inside, it is built around coral caves. Nearby, you’ll see the curious Flying Stone and Divine Turtle coral rocks. People pray to the Divine Turtle for a good marriage and career, and tie red ribbons to it. By the way, I had the impression that I've never seen that temple before.

We all three were hot, dirty, and exhausted. We had no chance to view the spectacular sunset on GUANSHAN (MT. GUAN). We decided to go back to Fongshan and eat delicious food. If you like adventure, you will find this tour is good for you.
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