Redeem the ACHI Points you’ve earned for an Award Night at Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel Japan

It is a long time since I wrote previous post. I am very busy on Job Da Ren and became a self-employment group member to learn how to grow my business. My wife is pregnant with her first child. I need to look after her while I am off duty. She is also planning to start a baby shower. Oh, I have a lot of things to do. I also want to add my own events to my calendar. So do you know how to grow your business? The answer is you can create an event and let people search events on In today’s review, we’re taking a looking at a helpful program designed specifically to help you to find events and fun thingsto do around USA.
My first idea is to redeem the ACHI Points you’ve earned for an Award Night at Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel Japan.

I chose entertainment and family category. The other categories you can choose are atrs, music, fitness, health, sports, recreation, religious and others. The event description I wrote:
“As a Fun Taiwan Facebook Fans, you have choices. Redeem the ACHI Points you’ve earned for an Award Night at Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel Japan. Although I have announce this event on Job Da Ren( and this is special for Chinese, in the running month I want to share this on Qwaggle.

You can earn Achi Points for eligible Agoda hotel stays, Amazon, meeting and events, and more. See below for ways to add to my facebook fans.
1. Be Fun Taiwan fans
2. Backlink to Fun Taiwan: <a href=””>Fun Taiwan</a>
3. Use to stay eligible Agoda hotels

Hope you enjoy the stay at Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel Japan.”

This is for Chinese so I try to create an event on There was an error and my event couldn't be submitted. I guess it’s because the venue is not in USA. I felt sorry for this. But if you are in the area of traveling (vacation, business trip) or the events are comedy, festivals, fairs and kid friendly around USA, it’s still helpful for you.

If I cannot create an event, I will browse popular places to find some things to do. Things to do in Boston, Things to do in San Francisco, and others are in the list.. This is a list of towns and cities in the world in alphabetical order beginning with letters A. I like to travel New York, NY so I click the link on “Things To Do This Weekend”. I found “Improving Financial, Physical and Spiritual Health Through Meditation”. Great! It seemed to prove my point. You can grow your business on Qwaggle if you are in USA.
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