Taoyuan Airport - Best Airports 2013 in Asia

The SleepingInAirports community has voted Taoyuan International Airport as the sixth best airport in Asia. A traveler of the world said,” It was so modern, so spacious with beautiful architecture and mood lighting. When I approached the staff for directions, they were so friendly and helpful.” I never know this because I live in Taoyuan and do not need to sleep in the airport. The couchsurfers who stay with us do also not need to sleep in the airport because they have a big bed to sleep in my home. So I want to introduce more about the first destination which every foreigner visit Taiwan.

Initially known as the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (CKS International Airport) when it opened for commercial operations in 1979, the main airport serving Taiwan and the city of Taipei is now famous for the Taoyuan International Airport (IATA: TPE, ICAO: RCTP). It is located directly west of the capital of Taiwan, about 40 minutes by car.

The airport operates two main terminals, which totally host more than 27 million passengers every year. It now stands as one of Asia's primary air hubs, providing for flights to many different parts of the world. The main airlines serving Taoyuan Airport are China Airlines and EVA Airlines - two of Asia's most appreciated airlines.

The following points draw round the various passenger pleasures that exist within the terminals, that is the main passenger terminals, of Taoyuan Airport.

Airport Hotels:  Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and Evergreen Transit Hotel , one of which is part of a world well-known hotel chain, place on the premises of the airport. They are both located just a few minutes walk from the terminals. They are excellent options for those passengers who don't like to wait overnight at airports.

Business Centre: the business centre at Taoyuan Airport is designed to provide managerial services and facilities to business travelers. However, passengers don't have to be business travelers to experience the business centre. There are buffet and food options, internet services, business facilities, television, shower rooms and conference rooms.

Beauty Salon: Taoyuan Airport offers an outstanding hair and beauty salon for customers to enjoy. The service offers male and female haircuts, and hand/nails protection. The service provides a great hiding spot to flee the occasional disorder of the terminal.

Children's Playroom: take the tension out of waiting at the airport, and send the children to the terminal playroom. This will provide adults more time to take pleasure in the services of the airport, while providing an enjoyable and fun atmosphere for the kids. Terminal 2 has about three children's playrooms, while Terminal 1 contains just the one.

Internet: wireless internet is available for all clients in the airport. However, another service that is conveniently operating in the terminals is the computer zone services. This allows passengers even without laptops to enjoy searching the internet or play games while waiting.

Massage: several branches of Blind Friend Massage services are situated within the airport. They are quite renowned in the airport, as it gives visitors a chance to rest and revitalize for their flight or upcoming holiday.

National Palace Museum: the National Palace Museum is a series of stores and exhibitions located within the airport. Patrons can explore the exhibitions, and even buy some of the art pieces on display.

Restaurants: the range of menus and restaurants at Taoyuan Airport is amazing. Visitors don't just have to eat Chinese food when waiting at the terminals. There are quiet a number of Western menus available too. 

Burger King is commonly regarded as the most renowned fast-food store in Taoyuan Airport.

Shopping: Taoyuan Airport and its shopping are indissolubly linked. Many passengers that experience the terminals in Taoyuan Airport rhapsodize over the shopping experience. There are duty free shops in the international section of the terminal. Also, non-duty free shops are found in most areas of Taoyuan Airport.

Transport: when it comes to modes of transport, Taoyuan Airport has plenty to select from. Car rental in the terminals is a fantastic service for those travelers who want to experience the sites of Taiwan, rather than just Taipei. Nevertheless, buses, both public and privately operated, leave from the airport and arrive into the facility on a regular basis. Dozens of taxis are always found outside the terminal exits.

The Taoyuan Airport offers travelers a lot of shopping/dining/service choices, while also providing a number of art exhibitions and display windows on subjects related to Taiwan. Although I rarely buy things in the airport, for foreigners to buy these things sometimes also full of convenience. If you have time to learn more about the history of aviation development in Taiwan, you can pay the Aviation Museum a visit. Or if you have a day, even you can hang out with me.
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