Zhongli - One of the Most Immigrated Cities in Taiwan

Ever since I invited couchsurfers to stay with us, I have been thinking of changing my surroundings as well. I’ve decided to start my journey a little closer to home. Right now, I am in Zongli. My home city - Jungli (also Jhongli or Zhongli), formerly Chungli (and spelled Tionglek or Tiongliek in the 19th century), is a city in Taoyuan County of Taiwan. Zhongli is not always spelt consistently throughout the railway, bus stop or road plates, thus it can be quite confusing for English-only readers. It became a city before Taoyuan City, the county seat of Taoyuan County. Jungli is ranked 2nd by population in county-controlled city only after Taoyuan city. Ethnically, it is considered a kind of capital city for the Hakka people who live in great numbers here and in surrounding areas; a lot of the elderly could speak Hakka in addition to Mandarin and Taiwanese. Although I am of Hakka descent, I could not speak Hakka and only speak Mandarin, Taiwanese or English. Maybe you will think it’s unusual.
Jungli is one of the most immigrated cities due to its convenience and proximity to Taipei (easy to commute). So I love Zhongli. I’m glad I live in such a cool place.
from wiki JhongliStation Front
The city of Jungli is mainly centered around the TRA Jhongli Station. Zhongli Station (or Jhongli Station) (中壢車站) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line located in Zhongli, Taoyuan County, Taiwan. The TRA station is the 3rd busiest station of Taiwan. There are two island platforms and one side platform. The rear station(後站) opened on December 31, 1995. I think it’s my friends’ second destination because they need take Taoyuan 5089 Bus from Taoyuan Airport to Zhongli Station. This Zhongli Station means the bus station of Taoyuan Bus Corporation near the Zhongli Train Station. We usually take friends to my home from this exit by car or by scooter if we have time - - if not, you’d better take a bus which is operated by Taoyuan Bus Corporation and Chungli Bus Traffic, Inc. from the bus station to my home.

JhongliStation Back
I know it does not seem to be convenient to you. But if you want to go to Taipei or to Kaohsiung the train station can server us very well. I love this city and it is the best base for touring north Taiwan for you. I will introduce more about it.
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