New Songshan MRT line to open in the end of 2014

I am so happy to hear the news. If you want to go to Songshan, Zhongshan, Datong and Wanhua District, it will be more convenient.

The attractions,food and hotels along the line include Raohe Street Night Market, Wufenpu, Ciyou Temple, Core Pacific City, also known as the Living Mall (Chinese: 京華城), Taipei Arena, Breeze NAN JIN , Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taiwan Television Enterprise, Ltd., Taipei Cultural Center, Brother Hotel, Leofoo Hotel, The Westin Taipei Hotel, Interchange Association, Japan, Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Taiwan, R.O.C., Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Siping Street Shopping District, Yitong Park, Zhongshan Market, Nanxi Commercial Distric, Chien-Cheng Circle, The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Former American Consulate in Taipei, Regent Taipei Hotel, Hotel Royal - Nikko Taipei, Taishō, Kōchi(Taipei), Cheng-En Gate / Beimen, Taipei Post Office, Customs Museum, Ximen Red House – Ximending 西門紅樓.
Songshan Line.png
CodeStation NameTransferLocation
G22Songshan松山TRA Western LineSongshanTaipei
G21Nanjing Sanmin南京三民
G19Taipei Arena台北小巨蛋
G18Nanjing East Road南京東路Wenhu LineZhongshan
G17Songjiang Nanjing松江南京Zhonghe-Xinlu LineZhongshan
G16Zhongshan中山Tamsui-XInyi LineDatong
G13Ximen西門Bannan-Tucheng LineZhongzheng
← Continues through Xiaonanmen Line then Xindian Line
It's really interesting. If you plan to visit Taipei in the end of 2014, you can make use of the Songshan MRT line.
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