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Four years ago we organized a barbecue to celebrate the national day of the Republic of China (ROC) at Siang-shan. The owner said,"In front of the siang-shan, there are three mountains look like three elephants around the farm. They look like a family. In the end of elephant’s trunk. It looks like sycee." I guessed the owner used the moutains' name as his ryokan name. But at that time I did not take notice of the three moutains. It's very fun.

Sophia and I drove through Yisheng Elementary School. The school attracted us so we photoed it.
DSCN2132 DSCN2133

We also took Sophia's dolls. We loved them and took them to travel ervery time. The dog was very cute and we did know who kept the pet. The dog was moving so we could not take a good photo. 


And I loved the white cloud in the blue sky.


The oranges were too green to eat but they were beautiful.


The cherry tomatoes were great and I believed that barbecue with these fruits would be a lot of fun.


The pork balls were also beautiful and the corn were very maize. It's perfect.


The girl was nice and she is single now.


Chrysanthemum coronarium in the garden were pleasing.


The Epidermis were special.

DSCN2179 DSCN2184

Our young photos

DSCN2200 DSCN2195 DSCN2198  

Ming-Yuan were so cute and now he is a good young man in church. The other boys are in Utah now. We visited their home this year.

DSCN2237 DSCN2251

The pussy was pitiful and the scenery was beautiful.



We also found another ryokan and it was very beautiful when we went home.


Small Wulai Waterfall Groups is near by siang-shan. About 3-5 minutes driving. It is not allow to bring food into siang-shan.

If you want to drive into small wulai waterfall groups. Sometimes there got some polices to contral the traffic. They may stop you. Not allow you to drive into small wulai waterfall. Ask you to take the bus into small wulai waterfall. In this case, you can tell them, you are going to stay in siang-shan. Then, they will allow you drive into small wulai waterfall groups. If they don’t allow, please call 03-3822720 Mrs. Chen. Thanks. 

Traffic Information:

You can take No.5089 bus from Terminal 1 Bus Platform(On the south side of the B1 floor) or Terminal 2 Bus Platform (On the North side of the First floor) of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Zhongli Bus Station(Taoyuan Bus Company) (桃園客運中壢總站). Then from Zhongli Rear Station take the Daxi-bound Taoyuan Bus No. 5098 to Daxi Bus Station.  And last from Daxi Bus Station take No.5105 bus to Xiao Wulai Scenic Area.

The bset way is you can mail me and we can pick you up at the airport. We offer free accommodation but have some provisions of this agreement if we have time. 

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