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Beipu (Chinese: 北埔鄉; pinyin: Běipǔ Xiāng; Hakka: Pet-phû-hiông) is a rural township in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. Beipu is well known in Taiwan as a center of Hakka culture, especially for production of dongfang meiren tea and its special Hakkanese blends of tea and nuts called lēichá (擂茶). In addition to observing the historical relics of the rustic Hakka settlement, you can take advantage of the opportunity to  enjoy the natural beauty of this interesting area. Some years ago Sophia and I visited Beipu's Old Street so this time I wanted to write the magic in a camp experience at Law To Bai.
Law To Bai(Chinese:老頭擺) is a campsite suitable for the group tour or family tour. It is located in the downstream section of the Daping River near Beipu Cold Spring. We could see fish in the clear water. And the water oozes all the year round. Now and then we heard a gurgle of water. The fish are happy and healthy when they swim actively throughout the river. We were obsessed by the mountain and valley breezes.
Before it got dark we put up our tents under a metal canopy in a field. Although there were so many moths in the campsite, we had spent one night at their place as I find it very tranquil. The campsite was very big and if you were four camping alone, it felt very quiet and peaceful. If you plan to visit the area, it is best you make advance booking as the rooms and campground is limited.
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The activities in Law To Bai include muffin DIY, Traditional Hakka pickled cabbages DIY and sugarcoated haws on a stick DIY.
The photograph of blurred water shown above was taken with a shutter speed of 0.17 sec (1/6). At this speed I was lucky enough to hand hold the digital camera steady to avoid having to use a tripod.
Look at the tree trunk. We sat on it.

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Look, a Dragonfly! And the sphecidae scared the young women
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The second day we visited Beipu Cold Spring near Law To Bai. Located in the Daping River Valley about 7km away from Beipu, the cold spring is a weak alkali carbonated spring. You feel quite cool the first minute when you dip in the spring, but then you will feel quite warm in 5 minutes.

It was a fun tour in Beipu. I recommend you this tour.

To get to Law To Bai by public transport from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, first take Taiwan High Speed Rail Shuttle Bus from Taoyuan Int'l Airport Terminal 1 to THSR TaoyuaTHSR Taoyuan Station then transfer to a THSR train to THSR Hsinchu Station this should only take about 10 minutes. And then take Lion's Head Mountain Route of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus at Hsinchu Taiwan High speed Rail Station or Jhubei Train Station or Jhudong Train Station and get off at Beipu's Old Street. Last transfer to No.5627 bus bound for Siaonankeng and get off at Fan-p'o-k'eng stop.

By Car:
1. (From North) Freeway 3 -> Exit at the Jhulin Interchange -> County Road 120 in the direction of Jhudong -> County Road 122 in the direction of Wufong -> turn right to Provincial Highway 3 -> Beipu -> Law To Bai.
2. (From South) Freeway 1 -> Exit at the Toufen Interchange -> County Road 124 in the direction of Sanwan -> Provincial Highway 3 in the direction of Emei -> Beipu -> Law To Bai.

Address:No.8-5, Neighborhood 9, Danankeng, Beipu Township, Hsinchu County 314, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: 886-3-580-4907
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