The Best Taoyuan Fine Dining Vegetarian Restaurant Is Taoyuan Avignon Vegetarian Restaurant which also offers Delivery Cake

Guess what? I very like to surfer TripAdvisor to find the best restaurants, hotels and things to do before I travel abroad. I also recommand you to use the web to find the best restaurants, hotels and things to do in Taoyuan. Recently I had a chance discovery about TripAdvisor. There is “Vegetarian Friendly” option to filter restaurants. And you will find the best Taoyuan fine dining vegetarian restaurant is Taoyuan Avignon Vegetarian Restaurant.
Aiweinong Restaurant?
I checked the address "1F, No.292, Sec. 1, Daye Road, Taoyuan 33049, Taiwan" and the map.
Aiweinong Restaurant and Taoyuan Avignon Vegetarian Restaurant are one and the same restaurant. Aiweinong is the Chinese transliteration of "艾維農". Maybe the restaurant owner can fix the problem.
Why did I pay attention to vegetable foods? In fact I am not now, and have never been, a vegetarian. My some friends from Couchsurfing are vegetarian. I do not want to serve them frugal vegetarian meals. So I warmed up when I know the Taoyuan Avignon Vegetarian Restaurant.
That noon I drove my wife and son to the restaurant. I paid much attention to the surroundings. I found the hall of Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation is quiet near. I believe  Taoyuan Avignon Vegetarian Restaurant  stand on a vantage point.

I followed the directions below to this place.
From Highway
- Exit the highway from Nan Kan to Chun Ri Road
- Turn left at Boa Shan Street
- Turn right at Da Ye Road and the restaurant will be on your left
From Taipei
- [Bus] 1816
(a bus comes by approximately every 30 min)

- From Taipei Main Station to Shuang Feng Road
- Turn left at Boa Shan Street, then turn right at Da Ye Road and the restaurant will be on your left. Approximately 10 min walk
From Taoyuan Train Station
- [Bus] L102
(a bus comes by approximately every 30 min)
- From Fu-Xing Min-Sen Road intersection to Fu Yuan Road
- [Bus] L101(a bus comes by approximately every 20 min on weekdays and every hour weekends)
- From Fu-Xing Min-Sen Road intersection to Da Ye Elementary School then walk 4 min towards Bao San Road
- [Bus] 105
(towards Da Yo Road, a bus comes by approximately every 10 min)
- From Ton Lin Department Store to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store then walk down Ming Gaung East Road and turn right on Da Ye Road, approximately 8 min walk
- [Bus] 502
(towards Zu Wei, a bus comes by approximately every 30 min)
- From Hotel Today to Fuel Gas Company, walk down Chung Ri Road and turn left on Shung Fung Road then turn right on Da Ye Road, approximately 11 min walk
Nearby Bus Stations
• L102 (Fu Yuan Road intersection)
• L103 (Fu Yuan temple intersection)
• L105 (Fu Yuan temple intersection)
- Public parking lot nearby within 100 meters
Wow! It’s very detailed. From this point we know they were very attentive to their guests.
The shop sign of the super market is bigger than the signboard of Taoyuan Avignon Vegetarian Restaurant. Because of ths similar green color I miss this place once. I guese this is the only downside.
They gave us a high chair. Excellent!
They also offer every guest a warm and comfortable dining atmosphere, as well as a gourmet style dining experience.  It is clean, clear and has some soft tone.

Originally, I thought this was a Chinese restaurant and the staff was much friendlier to Chinese-speaking customers. They did not have to deal with a language barrier, and also partially because they loved anyone that’s from their homeland. To my surprise, she introduced the menu in English very well.  I was going to heard her English introduction but heard her Chinese introduction because of my noisy son.

Besides, this is also a gallery.
Come and look at the pictures.  They were both soothing and stress-relieving.
After we feasted our eyes on these pictures, let's talk about the food. We ordered a $480 set including Warm Bread Basket Served with Herb Mayo and Butter,
Vegetable Consomme, Amuse Bouch, Mushroom Risotto, Dessert, Beets & Cider Vinegar and Chamomile Tea. The other set includes Warm Bread Basket Served with Herb Mayo and Butter, Green Velvet Soup, Amuse Bouch, Golden Sweet Potato, Fruit and Vegetable Shurb, Grilled Tree Hedgehog Steak (with Cream Sauce, Assorted Vegetables and Couscous), Dessert and Mojito.
The first course was Consommé Soup. This clear soup is an important type of French soups and stews. I heard that the chef mixed seven or eight different vegetables in this soup. The key to making a high quality consommé is simmering; the act of simmering, combined with frequent stirring, brings impurities to the surface of the liquid.  Unconsciously I took a deep breath and yelled,  "おいしいです" "Hào chī".
The second course was Warm Bread Basket Served with Herb Mayo and Butter. But we had two different mayo and butter. One was  herb and the other was rose. I found the difference between $780 Set and the others when I saw what is on the menu. The herb mayo and butter was good but the rose bread spread was better. And the bread was unlimited supply. The food was amazing there. It just made my day!
Well, I almost forgot to mention my first course was Green Velvet Soup. I am in the habit of dipping bread in soup. That's very delicious.
The fourth course was Amuse Bouch. This was fresh and crisp. It was very fine but sometime it seemed that someone did not have enough to eat. If you feel the food is not enough, ask the server and you can get more bread for free.

The fifth was Golden Sweet Potato. Very special. I recorded it and upload it to YouTube.  Maybe this dish was the most popular here.
By the way I needed to introduce the special Beets & Cider Vinegar. Sophia liked this drink because of containing a variety of unique health-boosting nutrients that you may not be getting elsewhere.
That day the main meal was Grilled Tree Hedgehog Steak (with Cream Sauce, Assorted Vegetables and Couscous). What's amazing! Tasted like steak and had a similar texture. It looked very appetizing.
Sophia's next course was Mushroom Risotto. This beautiful mushroom risotto was slightly different twist on the tale.
What's the name of this course? I forgot it but the server offered my son this course. They were always thoughtful of every customer. Good!
The next dessert was exquisite. The famous butterfly pea was on it. Very special!
The last were Chamomile Tea and Mojito. This chamomile tea eases insomnia, boosts your immune system, banishes menstrual cramps, and much, much more!
And Mojito was fresh and enticing for me.  This sparkling water, orange juice and sugar beet syrup were a good match. I felt heavenly happy.
The food was very delicious. Furthermore, Sophia also want to bring butterfly pea, cake and biscuit to home. She wanted to squeeze some kind of fruit for beautiful butterfly pea juice but she failed.
This close-up shot just went to show that my son could not wait to eat the biscuit.
I preferred to take all biscuits to home because of mouthwatering delight.
Looked at the attractive cake box. I guessed the cake would be yummy. The SURPRISE Chocolate Cake 6" was in the box. Why did the boss said it would be surprised to me?
At first glance I just thought the chocolate was on the bottom of biscuits and the vegetarian cake was similar to the general cake. But I was wrong. Pop Rocks were in it. Wow! Very special. I needed to share with my in-laws. It was really surprised to me.
Well, you must go there and taste it.
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  1. Awesome guide, Stephen!!! Missing your family and Taiwan! The kid looks super lovely!!!!