Love at Ok Hill Hotel Kenting

It’s been ten years since I had the photoshoot. And I’m feeling the excitement all over again. This was a single adult’s activity which was offered by Kaohsiung Stake. The LDS Single Adult Activity was a 2-day weekend event on April 24, 2004. Some sisters and I shared ride together. You know if you want to visit Kenting the best way is to drive or rent a car. We were assembled at FE21’ MegA Kaohsiung Store to leave for Ok Hill Hotel Kenting. All things changed. That time we met at the same building and now we were different ward’s members. And even Ok Hill Hotel Kenting was sold to FullonResort Kending at a public auction under the authority of a court of law.

On the way we chose 院子 to lunch. The restaurant which was owned by singing star Alex To’s father Ollie Delfino and stepmother. The restaurant also moved to PingTung City and renamed PAPA MAMA CAFÉ later. But now it has gone out of business.
I did not remember more detailed information but the photographs maybe brought back many pleasant memories. 

These were my favorite foreign cuisine. The water was special.

After we arrived at Ok Hill Hotel Kenting, we went hiking in Sheding Nature Park. This park provided us with an opportunity to see flora and fauna in this natural state (in contrast to the Kending Forest Recreation Area, in which the display was much more formalized). The front section of the park contains a number of walkways and birdwatching pavilions, which provide an ideal location for watching some of the larger birds that stop over in Kenting on their migrations. We did not see more birds because it’s not the best time to view these birds around April. Further to the south, the park has been left largely undeveloped, giving us with enough time and energy the chance to explore the lush forests of Kenting in the unspoiled state. The interesting thing was the buffalo directed toward us.
I forgot most of it. If you know something, let me know. Thanks!

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