Taoyuan International Airport MRT Is Currently Scheduled to Begin Service in December 2015

Last week I introduced that there will be Houliao Station here to Dixon. He went ape and will visit Taiwan after two months. Te news said," The Taoyuan International Airport MRT is a rapid transit line planned to connect Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, before linking up with the Taoyuan MRT to THSR Taoyuan Station and onwards to Zhongli. Construction began in 2006 and the system was scheduled to begin service in June 2013, but delays have occurred and is now expected to open in 2015" Two types of services will be offered: Commuter Trains and Express Trains. While both trains travel the same route, Express Trains will stop at fewer stations and are specially provided for airport passengers. Commuter Trains, which stop at every station, will operate from Taipei to Zhongli in 70 minutes, while Express Trains will run from Taipei directly to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in 35 minutes. The news emphasized 35 minutes to Taipei but I prefer to care about the Blue Line of the Taoyuan Metro or Huanbei Station. If Huanbei Station is open, every traveler from Taoyuan International Airport can easily get to my home. If Zhongli Railway Station(A23) is open, you can take the subway and then transfer to a train.

Maybe I need to take a photo of Huanbei Station to know the status of the construction. The men who want to win the election this year need to think about.

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