The Highway No. 8-Central Cross Island Hwy. is reopened now at km 181 at Baisha Bridge

Last year Fayne Vars in Philippines visited in Taiwan. She planned to see Taroko, Sun Moon Lake, Yangminsan and Maokong for 3 days. I said this is impossible because you need to rent a car in Taichung and drove the Central Cross Island Highway and the road was not in a very good condition. So she changed her plan. It suddenly strikes me that I have never been there but Baisha Bridge was destroyed in Typhoon Matmo. It's a pity that we can not visit there but I’ve got good news for Central Cross Island Highway recently.
The Highway No. 8-Central Cross Island Hwy. is open for cars(20 seaters buses included, no buses above 20 seaters allowed) on August 11, 2014 at km 181 at Baisha Bridge. The highway Bureau maintenance Luoshao office said that the road will be open for l20 seaters above bues after 17:00 August 20, 2014. The highway has been reopened with one lane for two-way traffic.
The Highway No. 8 is now accessible to theTaroko gorge. The Eternal Spring Shrine trail is now open from the north entrance about 200 meter to the shrine. The Shakadang trail is now open for 450 meter. One has taken the same route back. The Swallow Grotto trail and the rest of trails in the park remain closed due to the road closed. The Buluowan and Tianxiang service stations are also open at 13:00 on August 11, 2014.
Leader Village Taroko Hotel and Silks Place Taroko Hotel were shut down for 19 days as a result of the typhoon. They have recovered cancelled reservations now.
Farmers have carried agricultural products to go down the mountain.

If you plan to that place, be careful.
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